Friday, October 21, 2011


First off, I'd like to say that I am brand new to the Midwest, Minnesota, freezing-cold winters, and whatever comes with them. You might say that I jumped right in, for better or worse, in a lot of things.

After reading a wealth of other blogs centered on home ownership and city life in North Minneapolis, I decided it might help me to connect to the community of DIYers and good neighbors here by sharing my experiences. After all, I am a brand new person, not only to Minneapolis, but to home ownership in general, and certainly to the contract-for-deed business that I seem to have found myself in by way of not having high enough income for a traditional mortgage.

So, here it is: I'm a homeowner. The house I live in is what a lot of folks would call "cozy", which really means "quite small". For my husband and I, it's just right. The new roof, two car garage, and gorgeous view of Folwell Park were what sold us; that and its relatively good condition. Our neighbors are pretty awesome - long time renters on one side, a DIYer on the other, and the neighborhood snoop right behind us.

For all it's awesomeness, we've had a number of difficulties thus far, things I'd like to change, and overall a bad experience with the seller, who seems to like to make promises he is far too busy to keep.  In any case, most of the promises he's reneged on are easily enough fixable things, and just part of the adventure as far as my rosy-eyed husband is concerned.

Through what I write here, I hope to gain access to my community, meet people, learn how to do things, and overall make this cozy little place OUR cozy little place.

I'm Redd - and Minneapolis is my city. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. WELCOME! To NOMI and the blog community! You will find it is an awesome way to connect with folks! Hope you are ready for the winter, it can be brutal, but cozy and romantic at the same time :) If you ever need home ideas/ tips give me a shout!