Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adventures in DIY - Hand Sewn Bear Hood

While cruising through the mall last week with a friend, I saw an adorable hat.

Anyone who knows me knows that there is a special spot in my heart for odd accessories. The hat in question was a cute faux fur hood with long scarf sleeves and bear ears. The only problem: the price. At $130, it was a steep tag, and so I passed it up.

Fast forward a week later, and I'm having a conversation with another friend about this hat. I still want it, but I can't justify the cost. My friend says to me, "That's only four or five seams. You could sew that, no problem." Thus began a quest - the quest to make the Bear Hat. Pictures of the assembly follow, and as always, you can click each picture to access a bigger one.

Drafting the pattern straight onto the faux fur. Probably not
my brightest idea, but I figured this was a simple enough
design that it would work out okay.

The hat has a flannel lining, made from flannel shirting
I bought from Jo-Ann fabric. I thought a cute touch
would be to add felt paw prints on the bottoms.

Sewing the paws on with contrasting red thread.


Finalized half of the hood. I added a topstitch to
this part to secure the lining.

To secure the ears, I cut a hole through the hood, and
stuffed the ear through. There were too many layers for
my poor machine to handle, so I had to hand stitch this part.

All done! I had originally planned to sew pockets into the
bottoms to keep my hands warm, but I made the tails a little
too long. It also sits a little weird, but in another session
I'll take some scissors to the hat and trim it so it fits better.


  1. Hi there!

    I found you on JNS- I saw DIY on his sidebar and hopped right over!!! Haha! I am Carla from Hammers and High Heels, I saw you follow us so hopefully you sort of know who this is?!? Anyway, I read through a couple posts, I LOVE meeting new Northsiders through blogging! I also noticed you guys like homebrewing? My hubby is super into it and I just get to enjoy the beer :) Anyway, I'd love to find out what part of the North you are in and such, but welcome! Hope you have enjoyed it thus far!

    ~Carla @ Hammers and High Heels

  2. Hey Carla!

    Yes, I definitely know who you are!

    Blu and I live in the Folwell Neighborhood, right off the park. It's a very cute neighborhood and I love it though we were initially looking in the Victory/Camden neighborhoods when we first started looking for a new place to live.

    We don't brew beer quite yet (I'm determined to brew all-grain, and can't afford the setup just now, but hopefully soon!) but I've made my share of mead and now, cider! We may diversify into wine as well, and when summer comes I'll be excited to try making wines out of various sugary fruits (watermelon and peach wines? YES PLEASE!)

    Maybe one of these days we could trade emails and chat, and thanks for the welcome! I've loved everything I've seen on your blog - I wish I were half the DIY shakin', craft makin', antique shoppin' goddess that you are!